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Hola! Hoy traigo review de lo más nuevo de Jordana, esta marca es bastante económica y popular en México y acaba de lanzar su labial líquido que seca en mate "sweet cream" .
El review que traigo es del tono tiramisu el cual me gustó bastante.
La verdad este liquid lipstick esta excelente, bueno,bonito y barato, la textura es bastante linda, 100% mate y no reseca los labios. En cuanto a duración también es bastante buerna, a mí me dura aproximadamente unas 8 horas, no se transfiere al beber agua, comer, besar ,etc
Tiene un olor bastante fuerte, si no son fans de los labiales con olor tal vez esta no sea una buena opción .
En comparación con otros liquid lipstick la verdad prefiero este, he probado de Nyx, Revlon y Kat Von D, y por precio y calidad la verdad este de jordana gana por mucho.
Por qué me gustó más Jordana que KVD? El de Kat no me dura casi nada, y siempre se transfiere a mis botellas de agua :( .
Recomiendo ampliamente este producto, hay muchos colores bonitos.


Hi! Today the review its about new Jordana's liquid lipstick "sweet cream" mate, this brand is very popular here in Mexico and it's really cheap but with great quality.
The shade I use here is called tiramisu and I really love this color.
This liquid lipstick is excellent, good, low cost and pretty, the texture is beautiful , it doesn't dry out your lips and it's completely mate. The lasting power in the lips is great, for me, it works like, 8 hours and it doesn't transfer to bottles of water, cups, to your boyfriemd if you kiss him haha, etc.
It has a powerful smell , so if you don't like strong smells this isn't for you, but it's pleasant anyways.
In comparison with other liquid lipsticks I prefer this one, I have tried Nyx, Revlon, Kat Von D and others.
I strongly recommend this product, so, if you can try it out.
Have you use it? How did it work for you?

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16 comentarios

  1. I love Jordana, it is so good and affordable! :) lovely shade you chose!

  2. I love Jordana, it is so good and affordable! :) lovely shade you chose!

  3. Looks like a nice shade. The fact that it's one of the best liquid lipsticks you've tried so far says a lot!

  4. That's a really pretty color! I don't own any beauty products from Jordana but I will soon :)

  5. love the color!!

    jess x |

  6. This is absolutely a great read dear! I like this a lot.

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  7. Such a pretty color ! looks like a nice brand :) xx

  8. The formula of this lipstick sounds great! And the colour is very pretty! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  9. Heaven..for me as a lipstickjunkie :D
    Really love this colour and textur!

    Your blog is pretty cool! Would be so happy if you could follow each other :)
    xoxo, Colli

  10. Ohhh this looks so lovely and beautifully pigmented! :) I don't think we get this brand in the UK, which is a shame as I'd love to try it! <3


  11. I have been loving these lipsticks--so affordable and long-lasting!

  12. That looks so pretty! And it's so opaque! Really nice... I dono't think I've ever heard of this brand, really xx

    My Order || FASHION

  13. I have been looking for these with no luck, they look so nice!

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

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