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Hi guys! Hope you had a great start of the year, and today I’m reviewing some Colourpop products, hope you like it!

First, the lip products, I own Clueless, Beeper and Bumble from the Ultra matte lips, which I think they’re the most famous cause everybody on Youtube and here talked about them haha. In my opinion the colors are pretty great, you only need one layer to cover all your lips and the longevity its pretty great too, they last a long time and don’t transfer but this formula is super drying in my lips :( , they look like carton, especially with Clueless and Beeper I don’t know why I didn’t have that problem with Bumble, of course it was drying but not that much.

From the Ultra satin lip collection I have Echo park, which is a lovely peachy brown-nude , I love it, and the formula doesn’t suck the life out of lips buuut this a satin,so, it dries kind of matte, doesn’t shine at all but this transfers and doesn’t last long , I still prefer this formula over the ultra matte.

The Lippie Stix, I only own Lumiere, I really like this shade, its matte and the formula is amazing, doesn’t dry your lips, of course it doesn’t last that long, it’s like a regular lipstick. This has a chemical-like smell.

I only bought one eye shadow, Brady, which is a dusty rose, the page says its matte but it has a little bit of shiny particles. The formula it’s great, really buttery and I will purchase some other colors. I used this with an eye primer and it lasted all night.

Other eye product I bought was a crème gel liner in the shade Best O, the page says it’s a deepened burgundy but Its totally brown, at least to my eyes, it brown haha, I didn’t like this :( , it is really drying and hard to apply , also it broke at the instant I used it :(, but it lasts long, maybe I would purchase some other color and see if I have the same experience or not.

Do you like Colourpop? Which products have you used?

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  1. I love colourpop! The satin liquid lipsticks are my favorite since they tend to APPEAR entirely matte but are also less drying than most liquid lipsticks. My favorite shades are Frick n Frack and Barracuda! :)

  2. Love all the colours you chose, Echo Park is stunning! I did a haul recently and got quite a few of their Ultra Satin lips and Lippie Stix as well as some of their eyeshadows. I have heard their eyeliners are really good too, thanks for sharing. Hope you'll visit my blog when you get the chance x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  3. I must place another Colourpop order soon, I love their products and I want to try their eyeshadows too, I read so many great reviews about them and the swatches are amazing!! x


  4. Such great shades of the colourpop lippies! The clueless looks incredible! x


  5. Lovely haul, hun! I've heard fab things about Colourpop but haven't tried any of their products myself yet. Their eyeshadows always look so stunning and very pigmented. :) <3 xoxo



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